Wedding Cake Design Gallery

From classic and traditional wedding cakes to new and funky alternative designs, custom cupcakes and even hand-painted cakes, we can pretty much create anything you want.

Perhaps you share special interests like hiking or scuba diving or even hunting.  We can match the theme of the cake to whatever floats your boat. 

We even create unique hand-painted designs too!

Use our Cake Inquiry form to see what we can do for you. 

Click any of the images in the galleries below to get some ideas.

Traditional Wedding Cake designs

blue 3 tier wedding cake
4 tier wedding cake with purple ribbon
3 tier with pinned beads
3 tier with roses square bottom
4 tier with fondant sash
2 tier heart with rings
3 tier with fondant sash and buttons
3 tier with orchids
classic 3 tier with fondant ruffles
2 tier with fondant roses on top
3 tier with fondant ribbons
2 tier spring wedding
raised top tier
4 tier with sugar and gum paste flowers
multi tier heart shape 2
hat box style
wedding dress cake with invered ruffles
3 tier fondant with black ribbon and bling broaches
black and white 4 tier wedding cake
3 tier classic wedding cake
3 tier with red ribbon
3 tier with beads and white roses
Christmas wedding cake
4 tier purple
3 tier with separate top tier
3 tier pinned with black ribbon
separated tiers
alternating square round tiers
tower with flowing ruffles
multi tier heart shape
black and white multi tier with real ruffles
colored fondant mutl tier with gum paste flowers
bridal dress cake with hidden led lighting
pink hatbox wedding cake
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Alternative Wedding Cake designs

multi tiered photo cake with edible icing
5 tier with cut-away chocolate
birch bark tree cake
deer hunting theme
based on wedding invitation with 3d relief and hand painting
Tree bark cake with bride and groom
beach wedding cake
beach destination cake
inverted tiers
colored fondant multi tier based on wedding invitation design
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Cupcake & Cookies designs

cupcake 1
cupcake 2
cupcake 5
edible flower cup cakes
shoe stand for cupcakes
bride and groom cookies
cupcake 3
cupcake 4
cupcake 6
cupcake 7
edible flower pop-cakes
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Hand Painted Wedding Cake designs

painted flowers
painted flowers 2
painted design with gum paste fondant flowers
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